Sunday, February 28, 2016

the dressmaker

I don't watch a lot of movies because I'm
usually watching crappy tv series on dvd.

When The Dressmaker came out I really
wanted to see it at the pictures but
by the time I thought about it again 
it was already on dvd.

Anyway I had to buy it.

In 1950s Australia Tilly the dressmaker
played by Kate Winslet
returns to her tiny hometown to right the
wrongs from her past.
As she tries to reconcile with her mother
played by Judy Davis she falls in love
while transforming the fashions of the town.

Although the whole movie was a bit disjointed
(just my own opinion)
It was fun and very Australian and come on 
now who doesn't want to see Liam Hemsworth
without his shirt on!

I liked it enough to do a blog post about it
so I really must have liked it.

Have you seen it?

It's very reasonably priced on dvd so
I do recommend you grab one maybe 
to play while you're sewing?

I'll give it a rating of 3/5.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Australian Heart Foundation

We could all go on for ages about Valentine's Day
being American blah blah blah.
The thing is I have never gotten into the whole deal
but some do and to each their own.
I've gathered up a few hearty crafts that
can be for Valentine's Day. 
Or not.
Pretty Little Button Heart Canvas from here.

Crochet heart pattern from here.
Jigsaw heart from here.

The most important link you'll find 
here today is this one.
So if you are undecided about Valentine's Day
but want to do something good for your heart
it's easy to make a donation.

Heart disease kills one Australian every 27 minutes!

Personally I think my donation is more important
than flowers and chocolates.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

once upon a time

there was a girl with too many craft supplies.

I can't resist crafty bits and I have accumulated
so much stuff so I'm trying very hard
to use some of it to decorate my home.

I have no idea why I bought so many doll 
bookmarks but I did and I think they're cute.

Anyway I glued a whole lot of them to a plain canvas
and hung it on my bedroom wall.

I'm very happy with how it turned out and
now I'm on a mission to use up more
stuff that I've been hoarding  saving.