Sunday, March 13, 2016

and sew life goes on

I haven't really been interested in clothes since my teens.
My sisters and I all sewed our own clothes in those days
but then you get older and have kids and sometimes you're
flat out getting out of your pjs let alone getting dressed up.

Now my kids have moved out and I'm a single
lady once again my interest in clothes has
been rekindled maybe because I actually
go out now!

I have miles of fabric to work with and 
I'm not buying anymore!

My collection of patterns is growing
and I even have a dedicated pinterest board for clothing.

Do you sew your own clothes?

The time has come for me to stop thinking
about it and just start sewing!

Stay tuned.

Friday, March 4, 2016

the fabric carrots are here

The fabric carrots will now be housed
here on my new blog.
Nothing has changed, they are still very cute!

See! Still darn cute!

Using the measurements here (in inches 'cause I'm old )
 make yourself a cardboard template.
Trace around scraps of doubled green and carroty colours . 
Stitch and trim .

Turn and stuff .

Turn under a small hem at the top and tack around .
Pull the thread to gather and  secure 3 leaves by stitching through all layers .
Add a bit of ribbon or ric rac and ta da something that won't make the Easter Bunny fat !