Wednesday, January 27, 2016

confetti salad

One of my favourite dishes to take to parties
over the summer is rice salad.
It is so quick and easy not to mention delicious!
It's a great way to use up salad vegetables and everyone loves it!

It is also very colourful so I may just call it
Confetti Salad!

You will need -
You may of course use your own brown rice but this stuff is amazing!
Follow the directions on the packet.

While the rice is cooling chop your vegetables.
I use cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shredded rocket or spinach
and grated carrot.
When the rice has cooled throw in the vegetables and
a handful of sultanas and a some pinenuts or flaked almonds.
A small can of sweet corn adds more colour.

Now in a cup add a tablespoon of olive oil,
a teaspoon of minced garlic and about a 1/4 cup sweet chilli sauce.
Mix your dressing through your rice salad.

This is ready to eat straight away but it's even nicer 
if you can sit it in the fridge for a bit so the dressing
soaks into everything.
Don't worry though all the crunchy bits stay crunchy!

Just in case you were wondering no this is not
a sponsored post for Tilda rice , I just really do love it!


  1. This rice salad looks amazing, its perfect for picnics and parties. looks tasty and healthy too. i'm sure my kids will love it, looking forward to trying this for their lunches :)

  2. Hmm rice salad... Looks yummy and a different recipe. I never have heard of rice in the salad before. Though i like rice but i personally feel if you are on dieting then you should avoid this salad.