Tuesday, January 5, 2016

welcome to a confetti life

                           Confetti - small bits of coloured paper thrown at celebrations.

                                      Welcome to A Confetti Life!

 If you came over from my old blog you'll know that some changes were needed and they say a change is as good as a holiday!

I missed the blogging community but I felt my old blog was part of my old life.Yes it could have just been revamped it but I really wanted something fresh and new.
Sometimes we just need to move on.

My new blog will be a bit more personal a bit more random a bit more fun! Well let's hope so anyway.

It will be about books and words and crafts and cooking and creating and decorating and anything I feel like doing really.
Posts may be published every week or twice a day or once a month, see I said it's random.
I'll keep my old blog up for a while maybe.....maybe not.......

Anyway....thanks for finding me here xxx


  1. Your new home looks very fresh and inviting. I look forward to be a frequent visitor.

  2. Looking forward to visiting the new " you "

  3. Hi Clare. New year, new blog. What fun. I hope life's good.

    1. Hi Jan life is getting better all the time thanks xx

  4. I want to be a responsible and yet free spirit person. I want to enjoy the rest of my life regardless of my circumstances. I think that is possible. Maybe we can do that together. Ya think?

  5. Hey Clare. Wishing you peace, good health and happiness in 2016. Looking forward to reading and visiting your new blog.

  6. My boss found carrots on your old blog that she would like to kit in her quilt shop. Can she contact you via email? Dawn Farrier at info@thecreationstation.com